Black Desert Launches Atoraxxion Part Two

Console version coming October 13.

Pearl Abyss today announced the release of part two of the Atoraxxion dungeon content drop. Part one of the update featured the desert-themed Vahmalkea while part two focuses on the ocean-themed Sycrakea. Groups of up to five players must join together to conquer the new content, solve some puzzles, punch a few faces, and ultimately go up against the big boss Centilutos.

As part of the content launch, Pearl Abyss is recruiting streamers until October 10 to take on the dungeon with members of the public. For each group that successfully completes the dungeon, Pearl Abyss will give out coupons to all of the adventurers. What kind of coupons? Probably not for Little Caesars.

Check out the trailer.

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