Old School RuneScape Drops Group Ironman

Teams of streamers compete.

Old School RuneScape’s latest update drops today and it is a doozy. Group Ironman mode, an all new co-op adventure for groups of men made of iron, comes out today for desktop and mobile players. Up to five players can form ironman groups, share storage, share housing, and work together to boost their way up the leaderboards in their own self-sustaining groups. Of iron.

For those unaware, ironman mode is a RuneScape mode that forces players to rely on their own activity to progress. No trading, no coop, nothing that would require the interference of another player. Just you, yourself, and yourself.

Check out the lo-fi trailer here:

Kieren Charles, Lead Content Developer Old School RuneScape, said:

“Following the success of Hardcore Ironman in 2016, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and saw players diving into its brutal challenges, we’re excited to bring a whole new adventurous twist on the Old School experience with Group Ironman. Players can now bring together their most trusted companions to take on the challenge together. It’s about earning everything with blood, sweat and tears, through gathering, crafting, and fighting. It’s a real challenge, pushing players to their limits while allowing them to share in the glory with their comrades. We’re confident that both our community and new players alike will find their time in Group Ironman an exhilarating one”.

In addition a number of streamers will be playing on Twitch today, October 6.

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