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Twin Saga Patch Introduces Five New Dungeons

Gamigo this week revealed a new content drop introducing numerous new features and an in-game event. Fans of Twin Saga can explore five new dungeons as well as collect exclusive pets as part of a crossover event with Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia with each pet originating from the various online worlds. Within the six […]

Charge $10 On Neverwinter For A Pet

December 15 marks the start of Neverwinter’s Winter Festival, and that can only mean one thing: A charge promo. From now until January 12, purchase $10 or more in Zen and receive a Simril Helper companion. Get a little help this holiday season with the Winter Festival Charge Promo! Players who purchase $10 or more […]

MMOments: RuneScape Companion App

I finally had a chance to try out the RuneScape companion app on my iPad today. Currently the app isn’t an actual app, as in one that you download through the Google Play store or Apple store, but exists as a website you access through your device’s browser. The app allows access to a multitude […]

Neverwinter Permanently Drops Prices

Over at Neverwinter, prices are falling faster than snowflakes on something that repels snowflakes, I am not very good with analogies. What I can tell you is that companions are currently on sale for 60% off until December 30th, after which the deal will be almost as sweet. When the sale does end on Monday, […]

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