Archeworld Review: It’s Broken Garbage

Literally can’t even install the game.

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Hotcakes: Legends of Aria’s Witness Protection

Puts on fake mustache and changes its name.

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Untamed Isles Embezzles Its Funding, Loses It

Rev up those lawsuits.

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Riders Of Icarus Crypto Lost 97% Value In A Month

It’s completely worthless.

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Kritika Global Selling $50 Character Slots

Because it’s pay to earn.

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Kritika Is Back As A P2E Game

Because there was no way this was staying dead.

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Hotcakes: A Storybook From Stupid Town

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

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Hotcakes: TitanReach? More Like Belongs In the Trash

Developer makes us glad they’ve shut down.

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Australian Dev Community Bans Blockchain Devs

Says they won’t be welcome to post their job listings.

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