Australian Dev Community Bans Blockchain Devs

Says they won’t be welcome to post their job listings.

Game Developers of Australia, which touts itself as “a Discord-based community built by developers for developers” is generating some heat on Twitter after announcing that job advertisements for companies dealing with blockchain technology would no longer be allowed on the platform.

The implementation of blockchain technology, NFT, and cryptocurrencies in video games and wider media is a growing topic, and one that has garnered a lot of controversy with many labeling the business as inherently a scam. Most recently Valve Software issued a blanket ban on games that utilize NFT/crypto while Epic’s Tim Sweeney posted an announcement that the Epic Games Store would be open to such titles. Considering Steam’s massive share of the PC market, losing that platform will no doubt hurt the technology far more than being hosted on Epic’s store will help.

Game Developers of Australia also stated;

The GDAU can no longer in good conscience allow the promotion of this tech in its current state within our community. While we are banning job ads and the sale of NFTs in our discord, we still allow respectful, polite discussion of this tech and its applications in our industry.

NFTs have been a hot button topic due to their damaging impact on the environment as well as the numerous news stories of unsavory actors using the tech to profit off of stolen art.

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