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In Plain English: Epic Sues Two Fortnite Cheat Creators

I’m not entirely happy with the press coverage of Epic Games’ lawsuit. If you’ve been reading the news this week, you may be under the impression that Epic Games was so angry about two particular players cheating in Fortnite that the game developer decided to take these two individuals to court. This isn’t exactly the […]

Paypal Will Not Protect Crowd-Funding Pledges

Paypal has announced that crowd funding ventures will no longer qualify for payment protection, meaning you’ll no longer have outside help if the wine condoms, cat panties, or that completely legitimate hardcore sandbox MMO run by an MMA manager whose love for video games trumps his complete lack of experience making them doesn’t end up […]

CCP Responds To Star Vault’s Terms of Service

As a small website operator, I’m always interested in seeing what kind of overwhelming response can be generated when someone far more popular than me links to my story. Last week, I brought up the rather humorous story of Mortal Online’s Terms of Service being stripped directly from Eve Online’s, down to the accidentally placed […]

Star Vault Crosses Games: Bans Mortal Online Rulebreakers In Eve Online?

The above is a screenshot of the Mortal Online terms of service. You’ll notice that failure to abide by the rules presented in the terms of service (not pictured) will not entitle you to a refund for any fees paid for the use of the Eve Online client, servers, or website, and you will forfeit […]

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