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Riders of Icarus Launches Corruption of Light Update

Riders of Icarus just got bigger, as Nexon America has launched the latest update: Corruption of Light, delivering new zones, new dungeons, and more to the waiting player base. The update introduces two new zones, Ellora Sanctuary and Windhome Canyon, where adventurers will travel to reclaim the Demonic Stone from the Chaos Legion before it […]

Cash Shop Trading Coming To Riders of Icarus

Pop quiz: Name one way in which developers have successfully decreased gold farming while raising revenue. If you guessed tradeable cash shop items, you are correct. Riders of Icarus is the latest title to jump on board the trading bandwagon with the announcement that a new section of the shop will allow players to buy […]

Riders of Icarus Blight of Frost Keep Update Drops Today

Riders of Icarus players will receive a wealth of new content today in the first major update for the game since it arrived in Open Beta earlier this month. With a level increase to 35, Riders will now have an all-new zone to explore, with its own unique mounts to capture and tame, dungeons to […]

[Video] Riders of Icarus Gold Spam

While my impressions of Riders of Icarus so far have been positive, it’s impossible to overlook the overwhelming and unhindered presence of gold spam, especially ridiculous when you consider that the only way to get in right now is through early access packages. It is also impossible to ignore these messages, as the ignore function […]

Impressions: Riders of Icarus

(Disclosure: Nexon provided a review key so we could get into the head start) My initial reaction to Riders of Icarus fell into the disturbingly common pit of “oh look, another Korean MMO with a gimmick.” Several closed beta tests later, not to mention giving away literally thousands of keys, and I can safely say […]

Snapshots: Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus hits open beta July 6th, but for now Nexon has sent along a few new screenshots showcasing the mounts you can find in-game. Players with founders packs can get in early, while the rest of us will be able to log in next week. (Source: Nexon)

Riders of Icarus Beta Giveaway Redux

It is once again giveaway day here at MMO Fallout. We’ve been given 100 keys to give away for the next Riders of Icarus closed beta event. The doors open on June 2nd. Players who previously participated in the closed beta will automatically be in for this round. There is no need to grab another […]

Video: Riders of Icarus Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Riders of Icarus is out, showing off some of the mounts and dragons that players can tame and fight alongside. Players eager for a game that provides mounted combat can rejoice, as Riders of Icarus provides hundreds of monsters with which to mount and fight with, from bears to dragons. Riders […]

Riders of Icarus Giveaway

It’s giveaway day here at MMO Fallout, and today’s game is Riders of Icarus, a mount-flying MMORPG from Nexon America and WeMade Entertainment. We have one hundred keys to give away for the second closed beta test, beginning today (April 21st) and running through Thursday April 28th. If you happen to be visiting PAX East, […]

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