Russian Icarus Online Shut Down

After four years of publishing by 101xp.

Russia’s Icarus Online shut down last week, ending four years of service under publisher 101xp. The announcement was technically made last month on August 17, with the servers down permanently September 17. As of today, September 20, the game is officially retired from Steam.

The news post is as follows;

Roughly translated, it says “On September 17, at 05:00 Moscow time, game servers will be shut down for final maintenance. After them, the game will be closed completely and is no longer available.
Thank you all for being with us. See you in other worlds, riders!”

According to SteamDB, Russian Icarus peaked at 206 concurrent players on Steam sixteen months ago with the average for the last year barely hitting 100 concurrent. Western gamers may know Icarus Online as Riders of Icarus, the MMORPG with a heavy theme on mount combat. Riders of Icarus meanwhile had a 24 hour peak of 360 players.

MMO Fallout can neither confirm nor deny if Russian players are allowed on the Riders of Icarus servers, although a forum post from 2016 suggests that they aren’t.

?? ????????, Icarus.

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