Riders Of Icarus Crypto Lost 97% Value In A Month

It’s completely worthless.

Riders of Icarus is one of those games that has failed repeatedly, so naturally it has made its way to Wemix’s platform where the motto seems to be “no failure is too many failures.” Actually the operations statement of Wemix seems to be suckering in morons to build up the pump before the inevitable, and in many cases immediate, dump when the cryptocurrencies attached to the game lose their value. Why? Because turns out games that failed in the market time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time don’t suddenly get popular just because you attached a financial scam to them.

Take for instance our subject for today, Riders of Icarus. Riders of Icarus is tied to the coin RIA and RIA is utterly worthless. How worthless is it? One RIA is worth .043 Wemix credit, and there is approximately 41 thousand of it in circulation. A Wemix credit is worth about $2.45 USD and itself has lost 63% of its value over the last six months. So RIA is worth about ten cents and plummeting.

RIA’s value has plummeted so fast, it’s actually gone from its launch of 1.2 Wemix to .043 in just over a month. To put it into perspective, if the pilgrims on the Mayflower left port with all of their money in RIA they’d still have a few weeks to get to shore by the time the currency lost almost 97% of its value.

And who can blame them? Every time I have checked Riders of Icarus on Wemix’s website the game has less than 500 people playing it. Imagine how many of those are bots just generating a worthless crypto nobody wants for a game nobody plays. I’d be willing to bet almost none of the players are real humans and not bots or farmers.

Game can’t even fake a community, with the forums being so dead that about one thread has been posted in over the last two years. How embarrassing.

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