Kritika Is Back On Steam To Suck And Fail

What a first day.

Kritika shockingly is a game I used to moderately appreciate, in the way one appreciates a mediocre free to play brawler. Yeah sure the end-game sucked for hardcore players, but if you were one of those regular gamers who rarely got to end-game before moseying on to the next title then Kritika through its prior iterations was at least a fun way to pass the time. The game has failed numerous times in its efforts to get back on Steam or find a viable audience anywhere in the world through multiple publishers.

Kritika Global meanwhile is complete garbage and the Steam version is complete garbage turbo deluxe edition. You might think with the lack of blockchain profit incentive that Kritika Global would be retooled slightly for the Steam version, but nah. Alts after your first character are still going to cost $50. After playing through the first few levels on my new accounts, I discovered that this version also never gives you gear for your own class. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, I’d call it embarrassing if I had any faith that ALLM Co. had a sense of integrity or decency as a company.

What’s incredible is that this version actually runs the worst out of all of them. Kritika Global the blockchain edition ran like absolute crap, and I assumed it was purposely released in a bad state so players would get killed by bosses that already one-shot you for the most part, and to encourage peddling instant revives. The Steam version managed to crash multiple times starting it up, regularly froze during fights, and just runs like unoptimized garbage.

The good news is that I’m basically the only one who cared enough to look into it. The game peaked on launch day at 38 players, an absolutely pathetic turnaround from the 3,188 people who turned out on launch to play Kritika: Reboot in late 2019. Seven hours later more than half of those 38 are already gone on.

Nobody cares, not gamers or the gaming press, and especially not the MMO sites that a few years back were heaping rewards on Kritika. The Kritika Global official Twitter account couldn’t even muster up the enthusiasm to acknowledge the Steam launch at all. The only interesting part is seeing Kritika regress with every new low effort attempt at a relaunch.

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