Steam: OOTP Baseball Gets Pulled From Sale

Some titles are already gone.

Out of the Park Baseball 17, 18, and 19 were removed from Steam today with more to follow. Today’s Steam news surrounds Out of the Park Baseball, a long-running series of MLB-licensed management games. The good news is that OOTP Baseball 23 is unaffected by this news. The bad news is that every game in the series prior to it is.

According to a post by the developers going back to June, the games are being removed due to a falling out in business relations with a back-end provider of live services. As a result, every title from OOTP Baseball 22 and earlier will be removed from sale “soon.” The notice doesn’t give exact dates, but the three earlier editions noted have already been taken down.

Hello everyone! This is to let you know that starting soon, Out of the Park Baseball 22 (and all previous editions of Out of the Park Baseball) will no longer be available for purchase. We have made this difficult decision because the back-end provider of our live services will no longer support us, so we are not able to continue offering them for sale for new users. If you have already purchased OOTP 22 (and/or previous versions of OOTP) then you will be able to continue to download them via your Steam library. This will only impact new purchases.

The OOTP legacy bundle including 20, 21, and 22 is presently on sale for 75% off, for those of you really desperate to get your hands on the games before they go kaput.

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