Riders of Icarus SEA To Sunset In August

Accounts will not be migrated.

Riders of Icarus is one of those games you hear about one iteration or another shutting down roughly every eight months, and look at the time! We’re past due for another announcement. As of today, Riders of Icarus in Southeast Asia has been retired from Steam with plans to sunset the service on August 4.

It’s been a pleasure to have everyone’s support for this service. We have appreciated all SEA players who has been with us for almost a year. Unfortunately, today and the next maintenance will be the last as we will be terminating the Riders of Icarus game service in SEA region.

The bad news is that Riders of Icarus SEA won’t be migrating accounts over to the global service as the two versions are different and incompatible. Sorry! The bad news is that Riders of Icarus SEA didn’t even last a year on Steam, having launched on August 18, 2021. Which means we probably have until mid-June of 2023 before the global service announces its shuttering as well.

Better luck next time. The global version of Riders of Icarus is infused with blockchain technology and carries roughly 500-600 players concurrently at any given time. So if you don’t want to start over in Riders of IcarusĀ and have to deal with NFT shenanigans, you’ll want to move on.

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