Hotcakes: Legends of Aria’s Witness Protection

Puts on fake mustache and changes its name.

Editor’s note: As a courtesy to Moonglow Games, MMO Fallout has updated their studio name from the previous Reaper Games. Some of the jokes may no longer make sense in the context of the new studio.

Did someone say pump and dump? It’s time to talk about Legends of Aria once again, the reboot of the massively underwhelming Legends of Aria. Except Legends of Aria has gone into witness protection and changed its name, and is now known as Britaria. A new saga awaits, one where you still lose your investments.

I suppose one thing we could point out is that $Aria, the token for Legends of Aria, began trading on September 1 and over the following couple of weeks lost a good half of its value. It literally took three weeks after $Aria launched and began its crash for the folks at Moonglow Games to abandon the token entirely. It’s not a worthless investment folks, Moonglow Games is just living up to their name by seeing their products through to the afterlife.

My favorite part of all of this is in an announcement dating back to just a week or so prior the dev posting this bit on Discord:

If you’re focusing on the price in the first weeks and months, you’re not doing it right.

Which is completely true. If you’re focusing on the price of $Aria over months, you’re not doing it right. Because $Aria doesn’t have a shelf-life measured in months. Its shelf life is measured in weeks. WAS measured in weeks. The new token is called $Dread, as in you should really dread what’s going to happen to the value of your investment. Because the Moonglow is going to send it to hell. Man these jokes write themselves. All we’re missing is the game being titled “Very Obviously A Waste Of Cash Online” but I guess that’s unwieldy.

The token change is because of the brand change and not because that currency was already failing. Trust them, would shady crypto bros lie to you? Haha. $Dread has lost 25% of its value over the last few days and people seem to be dumping their investment into USDC, by the way. Remember, don’t forget that you’re not supposed to measure value in months. You’re supposed to measure it in increments of 24 hours, because that’s probably all you’ve got before this thing hits the floor.

Trust the system, it’s definitely not investing in a blazing dumpster fire. Speaking of which, you can now make a financial contribution to MMO Fallout via Ko-Fi to fund our blazing dumpster fire. It’s not $Dread token, but at least you know your money is going to go to something productive. Not supporting crypto schemes and half-hearted attempts at relaunching failed MMOs.

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