New World Releases Heatmap Before Update

How bad is your server going to suck?

New World has a big update coming out in the form of Brimstone Sands and Amazon wants you to know right now…your server might suck. Specifically it’s probably going to be overrun with players and a nightmare to get into. So in the name of fairness and hindsight, Amazon this week published a handy heatmap of the servers and their expected risk.

You’ll notice it’s not a map at all, nor is there much heat referenced. Don’t ask me, that’s what they called it. The update notes that accounts may have at least two free server transfer tokens available, and that the game only shows one at a time even if you have more.

Just something to think about before the update. Brimstone Sands goes up on October 18. You can pre-game by logging in and checking out the ongoing bonus experience event right now.

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