Diaries From Fortnite: Building’s Back, Nerds

Start forting.

Ladies and gentlemen, the forting has returned to Fortnite. This week’s update brings back building to the island of Artemis, and in exactly the way we expected it would. Building right now is only available in the arena game modes, but Epic have already relabeled the current solo mode to Solo – No Build. The good news is that speculation appears to be correct that Epic will make no build a permanent game mode.

Hurray. I’ve seen a crapload of people saying they’re willing to get into Fortnite now that it has a no build mode because they tried it before and the sweaty nerds building a skyscraper in five seconds turned them off. This is going to introduce a whole lot of people to Fortnite.

There were a lot of missions this week, considering the weekly quests haven’t actually come out yet. The Resistance tab had a few “go here and do the thing” missions that had absolutely nothing to do with killing players or doing well. I think the best part about it is that in prior seasons (including the last) you had two part missions that if you died would reset you to the first part. It doesn’t do that anymore. You don’t have to go back to the beacon to get the mission brief.

Always nice to see Epic doing small quality of life improvements based on user feedback. Having to damage a tank to get armor pieces did teach me that you can disable a tank’s engine without destroying it by damaging its ass end. That’ll be useful if I ever decide to fight someone in a tank. You also have to teach Peely to drive by driving on the road for 500 clicks without leaving the road. A much harder task when the roads are covered in blockades and stuff but I pulled it off.

I think I’m going to stick with the no build mode going forward. Damn do I hate sweaty Fortnite players who try to show off in casual mode. It’s also more interesting playing this with the overshield and sprinting, since I’m guessing most of those will be going away for standard build modes.

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