Hotcakes: Go Ahead, Ubisoft, DMCA Public Info

It won’t stop us from knowing it.

Ubisoft is in the news this week, and it’s not because Yves Guillemot is still protecting sexual abusers. Which he probably is. No, Ubisoft finds itself in the news this week thanks to a recent leak by Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. Earlier this month Nvidia had a leak pertaining to a list of video games that seemed to confirm a number of unannounced PC titles. Now Nvidia has since come out and stated that the list was for internal use to test systems, and that the content of the list is speculative and not an actual confirmation of future titles.

Fine, great, we can all go home now. Right? Right, Ubisoft? Ubisoft had a few titles on the list;

  • Project Meteor by Ubisoft Sofia
  • Project Q by Ubisoft
  • Project OVER by Ubisoft Paris
  • Project ORLANDO by Ubisoft Ivory Tower

These are real. How do we know they’re real? Because someone at the Ubisoft legal department apparently decided to send a DMCA takedown notice to a Github post hosting the titles. You don’t do that if the titles are fake, not least of which because if these aren’t real Ubisoft project names then their lawyers just committed perjury by sending bad faith claims of ownership. Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone archived the list?

By the way, Ubisoft’s lawyers are already filing bad faith claims. It’s not a violation of copyright to list a game’s title in virtually any jurisdiction on earth, let alone in the United States. That’d be trademark territory, and it’s still not illegal. But they know a random person on the internet likely won’t take a legal fight over a Github list, so they’re going the patented Ubisoft route of abusing those in lower positions of power while upper upper management does nothing to intervene.

But we already know the names of the titles, and no matter how many spurious legal threats Ubisoft sends we will still know the names of the titles. They’re listed right up there. If Ubisoft’s lawyers want to get in touch with me, they know which Trader Joes I shop at.

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