Neverwinter Details Its First Battle Pass

Launching October 1

Neverwinter’s first battle pass is hitting the servers this October, and you can bet your hot patootie that Perfect World Entertainment has all the details. Players will be happy to hear that progress and rewards are account-wide with milestones starting on the first of the month and running until January 10, 2022. Players with the premium pass can finish milestones after they are over, and one can progress through the pass until April 30, 2022. Seven months for a battle pass is a long time.

Let’s see how long it takes to complete.

The premium pass will cost $25 USD, roughly.

Willing adventurers can enlist in the campaign by speaking with Elminster in Protector’s Enclave beginning October 1st, 2021. Progress on the Battle Pass is made by completing the quests offered by Elminster, completing daily random queues, or the weekly Legacy campaign quests! Milestone 1, A Tear in the Weave, will only be active for the month of October, so hurry!

Information on rewards is available on the official website.

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