Gamers Protest Dark and Darker On Nexon Steam

Nexon’s games are getting review bombed.

Dark and Darker has been DMCA’d off of Steam, and in what might be a shocking surprise given the game was immensely popular, the fans are not happy. While the response has been somewhat limited over the weekend, fans of Dark and Darker have begun taking to Nexon’s Steam games and giving them negative reviews to protest the takedown of Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker is an upcoming extraction game by developer Ironmace. The game has been rocked by accusations from Nexon that it was created using stolen source code and assets from an unreleased title P3. The two parties have been feuding since 2021, with Ironmace’s studio recently raided by Korean police.

Regardless, the idea of losing their favorite upcoming game has incensed a number of gamers. The response so far has been limited, with MapleStory taking nearly 200 negative reviews in the last few days. Nexon’s other free to play games including Vindictus, Mabinogi, and KartRider: Drift have been getting some negative reviews as backlash on a smaller scale.

The numbers are enough that MapleStory and Vindictus both sit at around a 25% “mostly negative” score for recent reviews.

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