IPE: Angela Copied “Substantial Portions”

Of Snail Games code.

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IPE Update: Angela Game Cries Bankruptcy

Snail Games reveals in recent lawsuit filings.

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Snail Games DMCA Spawns Lawsuit

California court asked for a declaratory judgment.

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Roblox Hit With $200 Million Lawsuit

Over use of music without authorization.

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Rant: Core Is The Wish.com Of Infringement

Imagine all of your favorite games, but worse.

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Sega Amusingly DMCA’s SteamDB

Submits copyright takedown over database listing.

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Jim Sterling Warns Legal Action After DMCA

Shovelware developer Gilson Pontes abusing copyright takedown against criticism.

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Steam: Valve Bans Armaswag Games

Developer of shovelware meme games.

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Fortnite Event: Log In Instructions And Copyright Warning

This event is likely going to fill up fast.

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The Whole Roblox “Oof” Fight Has Been Settled

It looks like Tommy came out on top.

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