IPE: Angela Copied “Substantial Portions”

Of Snail Games code.

Yeah we’re doing two in one day. It’s update time on the Ark: Survival Evolved v. Myth of Empires lawsuit. For those unaware, Snail Games and Angela Game are currently embroiled in a lawsuit over allegations that Myth of Empires was built using stolen code from Ark: Survival Evolved. Back in March, Internet Rockstar Bob Zeidman was brought on as a neutral party to check the code for both games and file a report on whether it was copied.

Well Bob’s report has been submitted as of this last month and his conclusion is clear; Angela Game not only copied substantial portions of code from Ark: Survival Evolved but went to lengths to conceal that it had stolen the code (Document 160). Snail Games has repeatedly accused Angela Game of misconduct during the lawsuit including delaying tactics and hiding information.

Mr. Zeidman finalized his expert report on September 29. On the basis of his extensive comparison of the source code of Angela’s game to SWC’s, he concluded that Angela copied substantial portions of SWC’s copyrighted source code and tried to conceal its copying.

Snail Games’ lawyers must be happy. There’s still a lot of work left in this lawsuit though.

Meanwhile things are not looking good for Angela Game. We learned over the last couple of months that Angela Game had lost their prior attorneys at Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP after being unable to pay their bills, and has since hired on Blue Peak Law Group LLP as their presumably cheaper replacement.

The attempt to appeal to the 9th Circuit to rescind the DMCA takedown on Steam has failed completely, with the court of appeals affirming the lower court’s decision against Angela Game. (9th Circuit Document). The parties are now working on setting up pre-trial discovery and the subsequent trial, the latter of which will presumably take place in the form of private mediation.

Source: Document 160, 9th Circuit Document

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