IPE Update: RuneScape Goes To Court…In 2024

It won’t be a while folks.

A small update on the RuneScape lawsuit because we’re not going to see anything for a long time to come. We’re still watching the pre-trial arguments going back and forth between the parties in the lawsuit over the sale of Jagex and claims that it violates various laws including RICO statutes. Jagex is still a defendant in the lawsuit although The Carlyle Group and a few other defendants have long since been terminated from the lawsuit.

The bad news is that we won’t be hearing anything for a long damn time. According to court documents filed in mid-September, the trial scheduling has been put up and Jagex’s case won’t be going to trial until 2024. June 11, 2024 to be exact. That’s when the trial is set to start, assuming there isn’t a settlement or a voluntarily dismissal between now and then. The case will take 5-10 days and is a jury trial.

Plutos Sama really wants to buy Jagex.

Source: Court Docket

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