SuperPower 3 Is The Lowest Rated Steam Game

Everyone hates it.

Steam has a new most hated game ever. October 7 marked the launch of SuperPower 3, a game that bills itself as a “geopolitical sim” and the sequel to a series that hasn’t seen a new edition since 2004’s SuperPower 2. Developed by GolemLabs and published by THQ Nordic of all people, SuperPower 3 costs $30 and as of right now doesn’t have any DLC listed on the Steam store.

But overwhelmingly the people who bought it hate it, giving the game currently the lowest rating of any game on Steam at 9% “overwhelmingly negative.” This puts SuperPower 3 below the likes of Airport Simulator 2014 (13%), War of the Three Kingdoms (14%), and Flatout 3 (15%).

Reviews point to the game having notable technical issues, bugs, confusing design, with players commenting that the game feels like an early release or early alpha version and that the game overall is unfinished with missing assets and incomplete features as well as others that simply don’t work. The top review page is scattered with reviews noting that the game has been refunded, meaning it’s offended players enough that a decent number are straight up taking it back.

The game’s population has bombed hard, with a launch day peak of 1,343 players and a loss of 97% of that peak count over the last two weeks to a whole 37 peak concurrent count for the last 24 hours.

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