Bless Global Threatens Steam Release

Coming soon from Tigon.

At some point you have to ask yourself when the re-release of an MMO legitimately becomes a scam. If you’ve been following MMOs for a few years now you’re probably well aware of the game Bless Online. Bless Online was a poorly built, even more poorly maintained MMO shoved out the door by Neowiz in 2018. It sunsetted in 2019. In 2020 Bless Unleashed launched on consoles and in 2021 it released on PC. Suffice to say, Bless Unleashed was a slightly less unmitigated failure, shutting down two and a half years after launch instead of one and a half like Bless Online.

With Bless Unleashed making its transition into a relaunch involving integrating Web3 fraud, Bless has officially made its way back on Steam in the form of Bless Global, an upcoming mobile spinoff to the now thrice failed MMO. The mobile spinoff is being developed and published by Tigon Mobile, and the mobile version of course will include blockchain tech, NFT integration, and crypto utility tokens because gamers certainly won’t be playing it. The Steam version won’t, because Valve banned that.

We don’t know much about Bless Global at this point, but if the prior version of Bless are anything to go by it has roughly three and a half years of shelf life before the servers shut down and all of your purchases become worthless. Plan accordingly.

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