Dark and Darker Blows Up Alpha Test #2

It’s getting numbers.

Dark and Darker is the latest PvPvE game in development, and if you have a free weekend you can check out the latest playtest. Available on Steam now and running through Sunday-ish, the playtest for Dark and Darker is hitting numbers. Concurrent player count as of this publishing has exceeded 15,000 people.

Dark and Darker is an upcoming hardcore fantasy first person RPG. Dive into dungeons and make it out with big loot, just be aware of other players also looking for a score of their own. If you die, you lose everything you are carrying on you at the time. It’s like Escape From Tarkov but with swords.

Hardcore PvPvE games are all the rage these days. You should be able to easily gain access by heading to the Steam page and clicking “request access.”

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