Steam: Valve Bans Armaswag Games

Developer of shovelware meme games.

Valve has taken the chopping block to yet another shovelware developer on Steam. This week the target is Armaswag Games, developers of such hit titles as Hentai Nazi and Anime Memes. Armaswag has been releasing games on Steam since 2018 and their library consists of 15 titles and 12 pieces of DLC. All titles were banned in this wave and the developer is presumably blacklisted from Steam.

Armaswag’s library consists mostly of two types of games. The first is a very generic shooter asset flip package with multiple meme references laden throughout. The second is a mosaic-style puzzle game where players put together adult images of cartoon women.

Developer (lack of) comments:

Armaswag has yet to comment on the ban, however one could theorize several reasons why Valve swung the banhammer. The most obvious is that someone at Valve identified them as a troll company. The shooter package used by Armaswag is very similar to those used by other developers who have since been banned for trolling. Developers like 2GenPro.

The second and equally possible answer relates to Armaswag’s mosaic puzzle games. These titles have a tendency to use images carelessly grabbed off the internet without the permission of the copyright holder. We’ve seen a large number of titles pulled from Steam over copyright concerns surrounding artwork in the game and somehow I don’t think Armaswag was licensing or creating their images.

There is the third possibility that the ban was over manipulated Steam reviews. Armaswag’s ban comes on the same night as several other developers taking a fall over manipulated reviews. Of course this is all speculation until the developer makes a statement.

Affected titles:

  • Anime Memes
  • Anime Nazi Biohazard
  • Hentai – Area 51
  • Hentai Ahegao
  • Hentai Nazi
  • Hentai Nazi Hitler Is Back
  • Hentai Nazi: Battle of Japan
  • WoW Hentai 2!
  • WoW Hentai!
  • ????????

More information as it appears.

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