Valve Nukes Developer VR Retro Remaster

Knocks out a couple dozen titles.

Valve woke up yet again and took aim at a developer. This week’s big Steam ban is VR Retro Remaster, a developer of what appears to be low grade shovelware asset flips most if not all of which are in VR. Judging by the very sparse reviews and comments accompanying the games, it appears that VR Retro Remaster was basically putting out fake games. Titles that were completely broken, had little to no functionality, and were effectively just scamming unaware customers hoping that they might not ask for a refund.

It’s also completely possible that the developer got nuked over the game VR Retro Snake On Girls, as titles like this tend to use stolen anime artwork sourced from the internet. It’s also possible the developer got banned as many have before for VR Stage Dancer which appears to be just another stolen and re-uploaded version of Waifu Sex Simulator.

Another likely explanation is that the developer was caught submitting fake reviews. While many of the games have no reviews, the title Bluewater: Private Military Operations VR looks like it’s been boosted to ten reviews (where Steam games start getting scored) thanks to a number of suspicious accounts created only to play that game. How can I be sure? Most of the fake accounts were all created on May 8-9, 2021.

The title VR Future Wars: Aircraft Carrier-UAV Confrontation also has obviously fake accounts reviewing the game, all of whom were created on May 8, 2021. A number of other games are all reviewed by the same fake accounts, and I think after all is said and done we can count this out to the developer of insipid garbage pathetically resorting to fake reviews to try to scam a few dollars out of random unsuspecting people.

Hope that $100 per game deposit was worth it.

What’s interesting is that some of these fake accounts also have reviews planted on the developer/publisher William of Oxford, another mass peddler of asset flip trash on Steam and one with a number of suspicious reviews on their games. Is William of Oxford up next on the chopping block? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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