Slow News: MultiVersus Is In Open Beta Today

That’s a thing.

MultiVersus isn’t exactly a hot button MMO News piece, but after playing it for a couple hours this afternoon it’s quickly becoming the game I cheat on Smash Bros. with. The folks at Warner Bros. sent me a key for MultiVersus, a new multiplayer brawler with characters from all over the Warner Bros. library of intellectual properties. You can play as Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, Wonder Woman, Batman, and more. It is pretty darn fun.

Open beta starts today and there are two ways to get your rear into the game. The first is obviously through purchasing a founders pack which incidentally also gets you stuff like character unlock tokens, battle passes, tchotchkes, goobies, and doodads. The second, cheaper option is to connect your WB account to your Twitch account and put a stream on mute in the background definitely dutifully watch a stream for an hour. After an hour you’ll get a Twitch drop with the beta access.

Check it out. MultiVersus is available on all the major consoles. Stadia? No, I said the major consoles.

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