Steam: Valve Bans VR Porn Piracy App

After dev was previously told to crack down on porn.

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That Hellgate VR Game Released, Nobody Noticed

You don’t need a headset to have passed this over.

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Population: One Bigger Than Population Zero

By more than a factor of one.

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Video: Tarzan’s Trailer Music Is Fire

Lord of the jungle.

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Dark Eclipse Launches New Heroes, Free Player Bonuses

Playstation VR’s first MOBA Dark Eclipse has launched a massive content update featuring three new characters and four winter skins. In addition to these updates, Dark Eclipse has also received additional tutorials to get players better acquainted with the controls and strategic elements.

  • Owen – A Leader that can channel his Energy Boost ability to muster strength and
    passively increase his movement speed before unleashing a deadly attack;
  • Sosei – A support Dominator that can sustain lengthy combat and swing the tide of
    battle by reviving fallen Leaders and healing soldiers, knocking back nearby enemy units
    in the process;
  • Jysook – An assassin Dominator with explosive abilities who can lay bomb traps around
    the battlefield and self-destruct to secure crucial kills.

Players who log in to Dark Eclipse will be able to receive daily rewards including eclipse points, player icons, and a leader and hand skin. Today’s update introduces holiday yeti hand skins as well as winter skins for Veronika, Wuntasto, and Jysook.

Dark Eclipse is free to play on Playstation 4 for PSVR and can be found at the official Playstation store.

Game Arizona Sunshine Had Processor Exclusive Content

Sure, why not? Arizona Sunshine is a VR game for Oculus and Vive, developed by Vertigo Games. It is currently available on Steam and, judging from user reviews, is a well liked title (79% ‘mostly positive’ rating). It also, strangely enough, may be the first game to lock a game mode as timed exclusive content for a processor. When a user questioned on the forums why his i5 processor could not play the game’s single player horde mode, the developer responded with this:

Working with Intel allowed us to create even more content than we originally planned, including these modes and the physics systems in the game, making Arizona Sunshine one of the richest VR experiences possible. We want to give 5th, 6th and 7th gen Intel® Core™ i7 owners first glimpse into these additional modes, but they’ll be available March 6, 2017 to everyone who owns the game.

The post was met with heavy criticism from customers, with customers complaining that the exclusivity was not advertised with the game. Vertigo has since apologized and announced that the game mode will be opened immediately.

It’s clear from your feedback many of you are not happy with the previously undisclosed modes being available only on certain higher end PCs. You are most important to us, and we hear your comments. We are unlocking these modes immediately to all players, and we hope you enjoy them.

(Source: Steam)

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