Soulworker Updates For Christmas

Unwrap new costumes.

Lion Games this week announced that Soulworker is getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Dive into the Lonely Christmas dungeon to take down a boss and earn a variety of rewards including Christmas Coins that can be redeemed for other goodies. Check out Soulworker on social media between December 23 and 31 to find coupon codes that can be redeemed in-game.

“With many of us staying home for the holidays, we prepared a bevy of new updates, in-game events and more in SoulWorker for players to enjoy during the holidays and the new year,” said YongNam Jo, SoulWorker product director, Lion Games. “We hope everyone stays safe this holiday season and we can’t wait to share our plans for SoulWorker in 2022.”

Through January 13, players who haven’t logged in in over 30 days will receive some booster items and access packs, as well as some costumes to entice them back in.

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