Soulworker Details Risky Behavior

Conduct that could get an account investigated for RMT.

If you play Soulworker and you make a habit out of sending people large quantities of money in return for nothing, you may want to stop. In a post on the Soulworker Steam page, Lion Games detailed action taken against accounts for suspected real money trading, or selling in-game currency for real world cash, and the activity that may result in an account being restricted.

The post goes on to detail activity that could get an account flagged and banned for real money trading. The activities include:

1. Overpriced item that has been sold above the average worth (higher than 30%) of the same item.
2. Trades committed with a very large amount of Zenny without any items.
3. Trading with illegal Program Users
4. Trade regarding a large amount of Zenny with unidentified resources, and exceptional trading records/etc.
5. Restrictions will also be given to previous trade when being confirmed as a violation mentioned above.

The news has sparked some anger amongst players, specifically concerning one-sided trades. Since Soulworker does not have a shared bank, players are forced to mail their alt characters items and money and some fear this declaration could put their account at risk of a ban due to Lion Games’ own lack of user-friendly options.

More information as it appears.

Source: Soulworker

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