Clockwork Labs Announces BitCraft

A community sandbox MMORPG.

Developer Clockwork Labs today officially unveiled its upcoming title BitCraft. BitCraft is billed as a community sandbox MMORPG where players work together to build a civilization in a single, editable wilderness. Clockwork emphasizes the be-your-own-person style, where players can become farmers, warriors, city builders, traders, merchants. Anything you put your eye on, except perhaps CEO of FedEx. Or maybe you can.

“BitCraft is an MMO community sandbox game which takes place in an enormous, fully editable, procedurally generated landscape all hosted in a single unsharded world, providing players with an unparalleled level of creativity and depth,” said Tyler Cloutier, co-founder of Clockwork Labs. “It’s a game that puts emphasis on cooperation over combat within our ever-expanding world, a core value of our gaming ethos at Clockwork Labs.”

BitCraft is expected to head into Pre-Alpha this fall. Eager beavers can sign up on the official website with invitations going out in waves. The game will be available first on PC, with eventual launches on other platforms.

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