SoulWorker Launches Black Friday Event

And you don’t even have to log in on a Friday for it.

SoulWorker is out with a new update for all to come and see. For players at least level 72 with minimally three friends, the hero mode version of the Lunar Falls raid is now available to conquer. The raid rewards those who finish it with the pale fragment item that can be used to upgrade the pale ashes hero equipment.

Meanwhile romance and blossom costumes are once again available for purchase as are limited Black Friday items. The “Winter is Coming” event runs from November 25 through December 9 and rewards 50% bonus experience and 100% Zenny bonuses on the weekdays with increased drop rates and upgrade buffs on the weekend.

“The Lion Games team is absolutely grateful for the love and support from the SoulWorker community,” said YongNam Jo, SoulWorker product director, Lion Games. “To give back to the fans, we put a lot of effort and heart into the Black Friday Event which we hope our fanbase will enjoy.”

Check it out on Steam.

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