Soulworker Warns Of Illegal Ripoff Game

Another day, another NFT scam.

Barely two days out from the last NFT scam, Soulworker developer/publisher Lion Games posted a warning to users today on Steam about a ripoff title allegedly making illegal use of Soulworker’s IP. In a post on the Steam page, the company warns about a title called Soul Reborn, making unlicensed use of Soulworker characters for a scam NFT operation.

The post goes on to state that the company is taking legal action against the operators of Soul Reborn.

“Soul Reborn” is the game that currently steals the Intellectual Property of SoulWorker without permission. The developer of this unlicensed game has been identified as a company that takes illegal NFT business, unfair profits, and committing fraud.
We, Lion Games, are informing you to prevent further damage.

As NFT games become a hotbed for fraud, pump and dump schemes, and scams, one trend we’ve seen rising is the rampant theft of intellectual property and art being used to fuel assets for these games. As with anything involving money, it’s important to remember that age old adage; let the buyer beware.

Source: Steam

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