Soulworker Apologizes For KonoSuba Event

Another day, another apology.

Soulworker is apologizing, again. In a post on the official Steam board today, the folks at Lion Games apologized for the early closure of the Soulworker x KonoSuba crossover event. The news post doesn’t explain why the event closed early, but details compensation players can expect.

We sincerely apologize to announce that our collaboration event ‘KonoSuba – God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World’ is unexpectedly closed in so early. SoulWorker Team has been prepared some compensation as an apology. Please check your H.E.M.S, and we will try to concern upcoming events in detail.

Players will be able to select a TERA Brooch, as well as all yet-crafted items except for KonoSuba photos. The duration of compensation is apparently up until the October maintenance.

Source: Steam

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