Steam: I Found the New Worst Game Ever

Look forward to seeing this banned from Steam sometime later this year.

Last year I found the worst game on Steam. Now WayneP and his shovelware has since been banned from the Steam store, and that means it’s time to find the new worst game on Steam. I’ve found it, a title called Cyber Emoji Tale 2099, and it releases this week. It comes to us from a group I have previously referred to as the Internet Memesters Union; fake games developed by fake developers with some ulterior purpose like criminal money laundering, item scamming, and trading card farming.

Here is the description for Cyber Emoji Tale 2099:

CYBER EMOJI TALE 2099 is a classic RPG with elements of a graphic novel, set in an open rail world with a system of hardcore real-time battles, in the universe of the near future.

Cyber Emoji Tale 2099 is without a doubt in my mind a completely fraudulent product. The over 1,700 followers they have on Steam without a single piece of activity in their forums are signs of that fraud. The fact that they have one tweet with hundreds of retweets and likes from accounts that seem to primarily exist to harvest giveaways also tells me there’s something sleazy going on. Similar to Emoji Evolution I get the strong feeling the people who made this either hired a service that bots followers or they hired a service that gives free crap in return for people following specific games and retweeting them. Those still exist.

Cyber Emoji 2099 comes out tomorrow (March 1) and it wouldn’t surprise me if the game suddenly had a bunch of positive reviews from shifty looking accounts.

Just watch the trailer and tell me you don’t feel like you’re having a stroke.

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