Bless Global Offers Crypto For Review Fraud

Tigon Mobile really gunning for a ban from Steam.

Another day, another developer on Steam committing some form of fraud. VALOFE, developers of multiple failed iterations of Bless, have apparently decided that a Steam ban is the next step of their venture for the Bless IP. Having released the PC port of the mobile reboot of Bless, Bless Global, the folks at Tigon Mobile are openly breaking Steam’s terms of service for developers and offering rewards for positive reviews.

What kind of rewards? Crypto, NFT, and in-game gifts. As posted on the game’s Discord, by Tigon Mobile staff, the giveaway offers 500 BLEC and prankster NFTs and in-game gifts specifically to users who download the game on Steam and recommend it. Users are then told to post their username and review in a channel dedicated to the company’s review fraud.

As of this publishing MMO Fallout has counted over 60 reviews entered in to the contest on Discord, meaning a grand majority or almost all of the positive reviews (66 counted so far according to Steam) were written solely to win stuff. Offering rewards for positive reviews is against Valve’s terms of service and has led to developers being wholesale banned in prior years.

MMO Fallout will follow up as the situation progresses.

(Correction: This article previously credited VALOFE as the developer of Bless Global. VALOFE released the prior Bless titles. The article has been corrected to note Tigon Mobile)

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