Lost Ark Apologizes Over False Positives

Promises to do better.

Earlier this month the folks at Amazon and Smilegate announced they’d be banning over a million accounts for botting and hacking in Lost Ark, and the announcement came with a stipulation and recognition that due to the size and breadth of the ban sweep that some accounts would inevitably be caught by mistake. The promise at the time was that Amazon would work diligently to ensure that false positives were handled. According to a post today on the main forums, all accounts that were mistakenly banned should be unsuspended.

Involved accounts should now be unsuspended, and if you were caught in this ban wave, we want you to know that there will be no strike against your account, and no repercussions. We apologize for any stress or confusion this may have caused, and we are working hard to shore up our cheating detection tools to both crack down on bots and prevent situations like this from happening in the future.

Another post released today addresses bots, noting that botting activity has decreased following the recent ban wave.

Thanks to the mass ban of bots around the timing of the Argos update and the removal of early-game gold that attracted them in the first place, we’ve seen a steep decline in bot activity and bot-farmed gold that was used to inflate the prices of honing materials.

In addition, players in the western release will receive a similar package of gifts to the one given to Korean players to celebrate the western launch.

Feel free to comment below about how you weren’t unbanned as though I have any control over it.

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