Warhammer Odyssey Shut Down, Security Breach

Servers down until further notice.

Warhammer Odyssey is offline until further notice following a security breach of the company’s systems. According to posts by users on the official Discord, someone was able to breach the servers and start changing character names to “Mr. Putin”.

The servers will remain offline until further notice, and the developers cannot say whether or not account details for Apple/Facebook/Google are compromised as part of the breach. Probably best to change your passwords anyway.

Hello Adventurers,

We are shutting down the servers due to a security breach similar to Celtic Heroes. They will remain offline until further notice when we have a plan to restore everyone’s accounts. At this time we have not confirmed that your account details for Apple, Facebook, or Google Play are compromised. We authenticate your game account with these services but game account passwords are randomized upon creation and are encrypted. We will provide additional information once we have come up with a plan of action to restore affected accounts. Thanks.

Source: Discord

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