Lost Ark Talks Upcoming Classes/Updates

April/May roadmap revealed.

Just in case you forgot Lost Ark was a video game, well it still is. The folks at Amazon revealed the roadmap for April and May this week, showing off a couple new advanced classes in the process. When can you get your hands on them? April and May, I just said that.

April brings with it the martial artist advanced class, the Glaivier. The Glaivier uses a combination of melee combat and, figure this, a glaive. The Glaivier joins the Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker, and Scrapper as the fifth martial artist advance class. The region of South Vern also joins the game in April alongside new in-game events, as well as a new Powerpass to get your Glaivier all the way to 960 gear score.

Meanwhile those of you who are more of the May update fans can look forward to the Destroyer, the new warrior advanced class. The Guardian is joined by new trial raids, as well as quality of life updates including the ability to check your daily/weekly participation numbers. There also may be a new guardian raid and a new legion raid, but those aren’t set in stone.

Video games!

Source: Lost Ark

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