Lost Ark Tidies Express Mission Event

After player feedback.

About a week ago Lost Ark kicked off the Express Mission Event. The goal of this event was to pick one character at least level 50 but below item level 1,000 to level up their gear a little faster to catch up to the general public. You are given level 302 gear right off the bat with the addition of missions (hence the name) for bonus materials. Express missions run until June 30 and can only be started on one character.

And that’s kinda the problem because this is the first event of its kind for western players and naturally some people got a little confused and wound up using the mission event on a character that either didn’t need it or had already outleveled its purpose. And when you can’t transfer that mission, that’s a problem.

Today’s patch for Lost Ark updates the Express Mission Event to allow players to transfer it to another character but only if the T1 and T2 honing materials benefits haven’t already been used. By no means is it a perfect fix, but it’s better than what we got previously. The event was also updated so going forward, and presumably for players in future events, you can’t redeem it on a character above item level 1100.

Updated the event so that only level 50 characters with an item level below 1100 can be designated as Express Mission Event characters.

Meanwhile the casual guardian raid event has been extended another week to help player progression ahead of May’s update.

Source: Lost Ark patch notes

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