Lost Ark To Further Limit Untrusted Accounts

To battle bots.

Lost Ark continues the fight against bots this week. March 24 marks the launch of a new update containing a casual raid event, season 1 of the Proving Grounds PvP, gifts, and some other stuff. But we know what you’re really here for. The thing in the headline.

This week marks further limitations on free accounts from untrusted Steam accounts. Valve already restricts new accounts from participating in certain community activities until the account hits “trusted” status, being an account that made a valid purchase more than 30 days prior. If your account has full community access, it’s a trusted account. Lost Ark is integrating that into their system.

We are continuing to listen to player concerns and take a hard stance against bots. In this update, we’ve included a new prevention system to crack down on bots and fraudulent purchases. Players who have a Steam account in good standing and have met the small purchase requirement needed to use Steam’s social systems shouldn’t be impacted. Players who have not met this ‘Trusted’ status through Steam or Lost Ark will have reduced access to a small number of social and economic systems.

Accounts that don’t qualify as trusted will be unable to initiate trades, send gifts, exchange crystals for gold, or send in-game mail. Will it catch everything? Probably not. Will it dampen bots? Definitely. This is in addition to

Additional improvements to our anti-cheat programs have also been enabled in this update to help prevent cheaters and bots, alongside a few more changes we’ve developed with Smilegate RPG behind the scenes.

Source: Lost Ark

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