Bad GaaS: Stadia Click To Play Is A Must

What the platform should have aimed for.

Those of you who keep an eye on my coverage of Google Stadia over the last few years will know that I have maintained all along that the problem is not Stadia. It’s Google. The concept of streaming games is one that will inevitably have a more prominent place in our world as the internet gets faster, infrastructure improves, and it becomes feasible to more people. I have also insisted that Google’s technology would be better served as a middleman for promotional purposes; giving developers a way to let people try out their games without frontloading massive downloads.

Over the last few months those ideas have come to more fruition. Google has no interest in developing games itself, nor does it seem intent toward cornering any consumer market as Xbox Game Pass dominates the scene, PlayStation Now pulls up the rear, and Amazon Luna holds its own. They have however been reaching out to other companies to use the Stadia platform as a marketing tool. Something it really always should have been.

Cue Click To Play, a concept that should have been Stadia’s selling point from the beginning. Click To Play affords developers a way to get limited demo versions of their games out to a wider audience. How easy? You literally just click a button on the browser and start playing. No Stadia account required, nothing to sign up for, nada. Just click play and you play.

You can do this with Risk of Rain 2 right now.

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