IPE: Bob Zeidman Hired On Myth of Empires Case

Independent consultant to determine if code is indeed stolen.

The lawsuit between Snail Games and Angela Game over Myth of Empires continues. Last month’s update article noted that both sides had until February 19 to agree on an independent expert otherwise the court would choose for them. Well it appears both sides have agreed (or been forced to agree) to their expert.

According to court dockets filed this week, the independent expert that will examine code for both Myth of Empires and Ark: Survival Evolved is none other than Robert Zeidman, a name our readers might not be familiar with because we’ve never had a reason to talk about him before. Bob’s company Zeidman Consulting offers a bevvy of services including legal consulting, clean room development (helping legitimately reverse engineer software without violating copyright), offers software tools for comparing code to detect plagiarism, and more.

Not a huge update, but an update nonetheless. Grab your popcorn but maybe don’t heat it up just yet, because this lawsuit’s going to go on for a while.

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