Hotcakes: Logitech G Cloud Is Bunk

$350 for a handheld streaming device.

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Microsoft Rolls Out Cloud Gaming On Xbox

Now you can play Xbox games from the cloud on your Xbox.

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Google Showers Stadia Developers In Cash

Revenue splits to incentivize anyone to use the platform.

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Stadia Comes As Free AT&T Pack-In

With an eligible fiber plan or phone purchase.

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EPOS Announces New Streaming Mic

The B20 streaming mic.

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Amazon Luna Adds 720p Option

For lower bandwidth game streams.

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Hotcakes: Not Anti-Stadia, But Anti-Google

I find nothing particularly wrong with streaming games.

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PSA: Torchlight III Now On Game Pass

Play it on console and Android.

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Torchlight III Hits Xbox Game Pass 1/14

But only on console.

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Stadia Comes To iOS Via Browser

Bypassing the App Store marketplace.

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