Stadia Lost Director of Product Managment

Back in September.

It’s been safe to say for a while now that Stadia as a platform is effectively futureless. Google shut down its internal studios as a show of zero faith in its viability for selling games, the company has become increasingly desperate to get developers and players on board, and management has been dropping from the Stadia division left and right over the last year, moving on to greener pastures and more specifically game companies with tangible plans for the future.

The latest and so far mostly unreported departure comes to us from September, and revolves around Stadia’s director of project management Andrey Doronichev. If the name sounds familiar, Doronichev made the rounds over the last couple of years to proclaim that everything was totally fine at Stadia despite all evidence pointing to the opposite.

Doronichev’s LinkedIn account shows that he left Google in September 2021, and so far nobody has really reported on the departure outside of this piece.

Credit goes to SVD for tipping this story.

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