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Funcom Q2 2019: Conan Exiles Strong, Unconquered Not So Much

Funcom this week published their second quarter results for 2019 and they are pretty much okay. Funcom’s CEO Rui Casais referred to 2019 as a transition year for Funcom between the turnaround and growth phases of the company where those changes may not be immediately visible. Presumably he is referring to Funcom’s revenue and profit […]

Netmarble Posts Q2 2019 Fiscal Results

Netmarble has posted its Q2 2019 financials and the results are a mixed bag. Company sales rose 10.2% over last year to $459.2 million while operating profit plummeted 46.6% to $29 million and net profit dropped 42% to $33.2 million. “We have been focusing on enhancing our competitiveness by successfully launching new games of various […]

NCSoft Income Dips In Q2, Lineage Is Doing Just Fine

NCSoft this week released their second quarter earning reports and the results are not entirely great, but not entirely bad. While sales dropped 6% over last year, profits are down 19% with net income down 17% over the same period. NCSoft’s mobile titles are still going very strong and now make up the vast majority […]

Funcom Q3 2018 Report: Highest Quarterly Earnings In Company History

Funcom yesterday posted its third quarter earnings for 2018, and the results are rather positive. Third quarter earnings amounted to $7.5 million, a 25% increase over last year, with earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization amounted to $4.6 million. The developer happily notes that not only has cash flow beaten the full year’s numbers […]

Mobile Dominates NCSoft Quarterly Report

NCSoft’s second quarter finances have been released and they are quite a doozy. While sales grew 8% both quarterly and over last year, profit and income both dropped 56% and 66% respectively thanks to increased labor costs and marketing increases. Just how much? 370%, from 5.1 billion KRW in Q2 2016 to 24.1 billion in […]

NCSoft Releases Quarterly Earnings, Lineage M Sees Lower Demand

NCSoft’s quarterly earnings have been made available and the results are not so bad. Sales fell 1% over the same time last year thanks to early recognition of Lineage 1 promotion sales with NCSoft pointing to lower demand than expected for Lineage M, the mobile release of Lineage. Operating profit and income plummeted 60-70% year […]

NCSoft Q4 2016: Wildstar Disappears From Report

NCSoft has released their fourth quarter financial statements and the news is quite positive. Compared to the same period last year, sales rose 20% with operating profit up 36% over the same period, thanks to strong performance from major IPs and strong launches in the mobile market. The report notes that sales have hit a […]

Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider Drive Square Enix 9 Month Sales

Square Enix’s latest income report is out and the results are pretty positive. For the nine month fiscal period ending December 16, net sales amounted to 190 billion Yen, a 24.4% increase over the same period last year. Operating income meanwhile dropped nearly ten percent, although Square is expecting a positive outcome by the end […]

Nexon Releases Q3 Financial Highlights

Nexon has released their third quarter financials for 2016 for the period ending September 30th, and the results are in. While third quarter revenues (44.3 billion yen) dropped 11% over last year, they exceeded estimations thanks to the strong performances of Maplestory and Dungeon & Fighter in Korea along with solid performance from Dungeon & […]

Funcom Q3 2016: Bad For Funcom, Good For The Secret World

It doesn’t take a financial expert to know that things aren’t so hot when the top story is the sale of 15 million shares for $954 thousand. Funcom has released their third quarter revenues and the results are not so great. Revenue in Q3 amounted to $1.7 million, down from the nearly $2.2 million over […]

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