Enad Global 7 Posts 193% Growth

Lods of emone. Probably.

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Square Enix Releases Fiscal Year Results, Divorces From IO Interactive

Square Enix has released their end of the year fiscal results, boasting an impressive boost to revenue thanks to the launch of strong AAA titles like Final Fantasy XV. Final Fantasy XV boosted revenues alongside Deus Ex and the Playstation 4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, alongside strong downloads of prior releases.┬áNet sales for the MMO division dropped from 31.6 billion Yen to 22.7 billion which Square blamed on the lack of expansion releases for Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X. Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion, Stormblood, launches June 20th with the latest expansion for Dragon Quest X coming later this year.

Upcoming titles include Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts III, the Final Fantasy VII remake, and an unnamed Marvel title. The news wasn’t good for everyone as Square Enix also announced this week that they will be selling off Hitman developer IO Interactive, leaving the fate of the franchise in question. Square Enix’s entire presentation can be found here. The sacking of IO Interactive comes alongside Square listing the developer as an “extraordinary loss,” to the tune of 4.89 billion Yen (approximately $42 million USD).

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