Media & Games Invest Posts 65% Growth

Fourth quarter finances are out.

Media & Games Invest released their end of year report for 2021 and the results are certainly money. Net revenues for the fourth quarter amounted to 80.2 million Euro, a 65% increase. Annual net revenue amounted to 252.2 million Euro, an 80% growth over the 2020 fiscal year. Like I said, money. The games segment of MGI saw a 19% growth annually while the media segment grew 111% over the same period.

CEO Remco Westermann stated in his comments that in 2022 MGI plans on more strategic acquisitions, as well as focusing on the ever growing mobile market for both its games and media sectors. While a good portion of the games section was dedicated to Fractured Online and the acquisition of KingsIsle, as well as some of the updates that were added to Trove, Fiesta Online, and a couple of other games, the release does not mention Rift even once.

Otherwise there isn’t much interesting in the report.

Source: Report

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