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Mobile MMORPG Life After Launches Today

NetEase Inc today announced the North American and Australian launch of LifeAfter, a zombie survival MMORPG for iOS and Android. LifeAfter packs together an MMORPG with gun-toting, hunting and gathering, and crafting. The game launched in China last year to much acclaim and hopes to gain the same following here in the west. Players are […]

Overwatch Hits 20 Million, Opens Halloween Event

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with your old friend Junkenstein? As you might have anticipated, Overwatch is selling like water in the desert, thanks to the 20 million people who have picked the title up on various consoles. As part of the October festivities, Blizzard has opened up the latest seasonal event: Halloween. […]

Diaries From H1Z1: The Apocalypse Cometh

Generations from now, humanity’s survivors will look back and wonder how did we fail? What caused the virus that wiped out 90% of the world’s population? Was it a plague, disease, or wrath of god? No. The fall of society came when Taylor Swift announced that she was retiring from music and would only release […]

Lifeless Now Available On Early Access

Zombie sandbox games are the latest fad that simply won’t die, not unlike the zombies that inhabit their worlds. Rigid-Soft, an indie developer based in Sweden, is the latest to jump on board with their own take on the genre. Lifeless promises a world in which players can stake their claim in a war between […]

See Lifeless Stream This Weekend

(Editor’s note: This article would be a whole lot more helpful with a link to the Livestream. Here it is.) The zombie sandbox craze continues to live on, just like the zombies that inhabit the worlds. Rigid Studios is a Sweden-based independent developer looking to jump on board with their own spin on the genre, […]

H1Z1 My Evil Ways E3 Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released the latest trailer for H1Z1, titled ‘My Evil Ways.’ The animations look a little chunky and are more than likely unfinished. The video explains that H1Z1 will be released in early access on Steam, as well as being released on PS4. Sony’s E3 press conference later today will offer more […]

Surprise: SOE’s New MMO Is A Zombie Sandbox

Surprise! We’ve known this is coming since Sony Online Entertainment first registered a trademark for H1Z1, but the cat is finally out of the bag. SOE officially announced H1Z1, a zombie sandbox MMO set to release its first public-playable version within the next four to six weeks. The game will see players scavenging stores and […]

MMOments In Gaming: Defiance’s Living World

I had a stunning revelation while playing Defiance yesterday: This game might have one of the more lively feeling worlds I have seen in a long time. Here is the story: A temporary event is currently running that tasks players with fighting off zombie sieges and the odd zombie emergency event in the road. Riding […]

The War Z Shutdown Following Security Breach

OP Productions has issued a warning to its customers via email that the game and forums have been shut down temporarily following a security breach being discovered. Hackers allegedly got ahold of email addresses, encyrpted passwords, however payment information was not exposed as all payments are processed through a third party. We have engaged outside […]

The War Z Announced, Zombie Survival MMO

The War Z describes itself as a survival horror MMO, pitting players in a world of zombies and humans in a fight for survival the likes of which we haven’t seen since, well, Day Z. Yes, The War Z takes a great deal of inspiration from the mod to Arma II, even down to the […]

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