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2016 In Review: The Games We Lost

2016, like any year, marked the sunsetting of multiple online games, some of which we’ve already forgotten about thanks to the release of big name titles and updates to those games that we are spending too much time playing. Sure, sure, that Shantae port on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 got cancelled, can someone tell […]

Everquest Next Wasn’t Fun, Development Ceases

Development on Everquest Next has ceased, leaving gamers wondering about the health of Daybreak Game Company and the future of Landmark. Daybreak President Russ Shanks took to the official website to announce the unfortunate reality that during development the team came to the harsh conclusion that the game just wasn’t coming together. As a result, […]

Everquest Next Drops Ties With Storybricks

Daybreak Game Studios has announced that they have cut ties with Storybricks and will continue developing the game’s AI in-house. The comment came during a live stream where the team also revealed hopes that the game will come to Xbox and Playstation. “We are not working with Storybricks any more. We made the decision that […]

Dark Elves And Class Reveals For Everquest Next

Sony Online Entertainment has revealed new details on Everquest Next at SOE Live. Development on Everquest Next continues alongside Landmark, with feedback from the community in Landmark fueling development of the full MMO. The Dark Elves were the latest race to be revealed today, showing off gothic-themed architecture and dark landscapes. Alongside the new race, SOE […]

SOE Promises Refunds For Unsatisfied Alpha Testers.

Sony Online Entertainment is set to launch the alpha for Everquest Next Landmark later today. Given the increasing reliance on early access purchases and your average gamer’s habit of buying an alpha stage game and then being stricken with buyer’s remorse because it isn’t a finished product, SOE is offering a full refund for anyone […]

Videos Now: Everquest Landmark Crafting

Everquest Next Landmark looks better with each passing video. Today the folks at Sony Online Entertainment dive into crafting, detailing how players will go about obtaining recipes and crafting items. Learn about altars and recipes and the secret meaning of life. Hint: It is corgis.

Lessons From 2013 #9: From Failure Comes Greatness

Storybricks has become my new grammar peeve for this year. When people refer to the cancelled story-building MMO, they are thinking of the Kingdom of Default project. Storybricks, unless I have read the whole ordeal wrong, refers to the platform through which the AI is given its behaviors. Who could have thought that after Storybricks […]

Lessons From 2013 #3: Reading Too Far

Can we agree to stop reading into every little comment made by developers as cryptic hints or confirmations? One such case that many of you may remember from this year is back in March when John Smedley said “we like permadeath for EQN” when responding to a question on Twitter. When Dave Georgeson confirmed that […]

MMOrning Shots: My Nose Itches!

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Sony Online Entertainment with Everquest Next. With the voxel engine making everything destructible, naturally that Kerran should be able to chop those flowers down, throw them in a nice ceramic vase, and then throw the vase over the side of that cliff and watch it smash against the […]

Everquest Next Is Voxel-Based And Dynamic

The big reveal is here! Sony Online Entertainment has finally unveiled Everquest Next in all of its juicy glory. So what are the fine points that have been revealed so far? Let’s run it down: Everquest Next will be voxel-based, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the graphics. Everything in the world can […]

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